How to seize the FSMO roles on a DC, Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2

Login as the domain administrator
Run CMD.EXE with an administrator privilege
C:\> ntdsutil
ntdsutil: roles

(connect the utility to the server)
fsmo maintenance: connections
(make sure your credential is the domain administrator)
server connections: set creds domain.lan administrator Password@123
server connections: connect to server site-dc-1
Binding to site-dc-1 as domain.lan\administrator...
Connected to site-dc-1 as domain.lan\administrator.
server connections: quit

(typing ? will show all the seizing options)
fsmo maintenance: ?

(seizing schema master role)
fsmo maintenance: seize schema master


(Click Yes.)

Attempting safe transfer of schema FSMO before seizure.
(This fails if the current FSMO holder is down)

Sever "site-dc-1" knows about 5 roles
(All FSMO variable values will be displayed. See and verify that the value has been changed correctly)

(repeat this with other FSMOs)

fsmo maintenance: quit
ntdsutil: quit

(check roles)
C:\> dcdiag /test:KnowsOfRoleHolders /v
C:\>netdom query fsmo